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            Our Mission

            Ladder Up provides hardworking people with the financial resources and opportunities they need to move up the economic ladder.

            Ladder Up provides free financial programs to help clients secure the tax refunds they deserve, gain the knowledge to navigate today’s complex financial systems, and obtain financial aid to make college dreams a reality.

            History & Impact

            Everyone deserves a shot at a better life.

            When 22-year-old Chicago business analyst and volunteer basketball coach Robert Burke saw how the hardworking families of his west side team were struggling to make ends meet, he took a shot at helping out. With the goal of securing unclaimed tax credits for the people of this underserved but deserving community, he recruited 90 colleagues to prepare tax returns at no cost. The efforts paid off, returning over $150,000 in tax refunds to 120 families.

            Since these humble beginnings in 1994, City-Wide Tax Assistance Program has continued to provide free tax return preparation services and has expanded its free programs to include college financial aid assistance and practical financial education. In 2008, the organization adopted the name Ladder Up to reflect its broader mission of helping people access the financial resources and opportunities needed to climb up and out of poverty.

            In total, through TAP and LIFT, Ladder Up has returned over $562 million in economic benefits to more than 317,000 hardworking people across the Chicago area.

            View our 2016 Annual Report


            Christine Cheng

            Executive Director

            Tax Assistance Program

            The Tax Assistance Program team plans and executes Ladder Up’s free tax return preparation program, through which more than 1,000 volunteers serve 20,000+ low-income taxpayers at locations across the Chicago metropolitan area and in Springfield each year.

            Lilly Lavner


            Jennifer Hu


            Becky Santiago

            Operations Manager

            Letty Train

            Coordinator – E-File

            Greg Williams

            Senior Coordinator – Technology and E-File

            Volunteer Engagement

            The Volunteer Engagement team recruits, trains, and deploys more than 1,000 volunteers annually to support the work of all volunteer programs at Ladder Up.

            Gabriella Cipriani


            Noah Bazis

            Senior Coordinator

            Evelyn Espinosa


            Savannah King


            Financial Capability

            The Financial Capability team executes Ladder Up’s financial aid and financial education programming, which includes services to help students apply for and secure financial aid for college, financial education workshops delivered on-site for community partners, and one-on-one financial coaching, including Project Money, a 6-week financial coaching program that pairs clients with volunteer coaches.

            Carly Oishi


            Lupe Marin

            Senior Coordinator

            Tax Clinic

            The Tax Clinic protects taxpayer rights by providing advice, consultation, and representation to taxpayers who have a disagreement with the IRS or state revenue department about their taxes and by educating taxpayers about their rights and responsibilities under US tax laws.

            Paul Harrison


            Carmen Aguirre-Cuevas


            Eric Sternberg

            Staff Attorney


            The Development team executes fundraising and events for Ladder Up and supports the organization’s communications and data collection and analysis efforts.

            Kate Hermann Stone


            Jennie Eber

            Coordinator – Data and Evaluation

            Laurent West

            Development Coordinator

            Finance and Administration

            The Finance and Administration team is responsible for all financial reporting, internal accounting and administrative operations for Ladder Up.

            Jeanne Marie Olivieri


            Karina Ruiz

            Office Administrator

            Alex Vizard

            Accounting Specialist