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            What We Do

            At Ladder Up, we give hardworking people the resources they need to move up the economic ladder, guiding them toward a brighter future through our Tax Assistance Program (TAP), Tax Clinic, and Financial Capability Program.

            Photo of volunteers helping with taxes Photo of volunteers helping with taxes

            Helping Thousands Of Low-income Households One Tax Return At A Time

            Tax Assistance Program (TAP)

            Through TAP, we offer free electronic preparation and filing of individual income tax returns to help clients access critical tax refunds. So far in 2019, we’ve secured more than $39.3 million in refunds for hardworking Chicago-area taxpayers, money that can often mean the difference between treading water and turning a corner.

            Photo of students at their graduation Photo of students at their graduation

            The Guidance To Do More Than Just Dream Of College

            Financial Aid For College

            Through hundreds of on-site visits, we’ve helped students access more than $300 million in financial aid for higher education through our financial aid program, money that can turn the dream of college into a reality.

            Photo of people learning about finances Photo of people learning about finances

            Building A Foundation Of Knowledge And Creating A Pathway To Financial Success

            Financial Literacy

            Improving your financial situation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes the right tools and know-how. Which is why we offer free financial education through our LIFT program to help individuals navigate an often complex economic landscape so they can take steps towards achieving financial stability.

            Photo of volunteers helping members of the community Photo of volunteers helping members of the community

            Simplifying the Process of Obtaining an ITIN

            ITIN 湖北快3开奖直播

            As a Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA), Ladder Up has helped hundreds of taxpayers apply for or renew Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) to help them meet tax filing requirements as well as secure important tax credits.

            Our History

            Our History

            Photo of Ladder Up founder, Robert Burke

            When Chicago business analyst and volunteer basketball coach Robert Burke saw how the families of his West Side team were struggling to make ends meet, he wanted to help. With the goal of securing unclaimed tax credits, he recruited 90 colleagues to prepare tax returns at no cost. The efforts returned over $150,000 in tax refunds to 120 deserving households.

            Since these humble beginnings in 1994, the Tax Assistance Program has continued to provide free tax return preparation services, expanding its free programs to include college financial aid assistance and financial education. In 2008, the organization adopted the name Ladder Up to reflect its broader mission of helping people access the resources needed to climb up and out of poverty.

            In total, through TAP and LIFT, Ladder Up has returned over $562 million in economic benefits to more than 317,000 hardworking people across the Chicago area.

            View our 2016 Annual Report

            Photo of Jim, a single father and friend of Ladder Up

            “The professionalism I’ve experienced surpassed anything I ever expected. Because of you, my son can go to college.”


            Single father, Financial Aid Client
            Photo of Dana

            “Ladder Up has taught me a ton about financial aid in general and about being an independent student on the FAFSA.”


            Financial Aid Client
            Photo of Manuel

            “I used to go to H&R Block and they charged over $500.”


            TAP Client
            Illustration of a hand holding a money bag


            For every $1 invested, we return an estimated $27 in economic benefits to clients through our free services. The donations that fuel our programs can truly transform lives.

            Learn More
            Illustration of a heart


            For the past 25 years, volunteers have been the lifeblood of our tax program. Sharing your time and talent can make a profound difference for our clients.

            Learn More
            Illustration of a pair of hands shaking


            Our partners include businesses, universities, government agencies, schools, and community organizations. They provide critical financial support, volunteers and client outreach.

            Learn More
            Illustration of books


            A wealth of information is available to help you stay at the top of your tax game, including supplemental training organized by tax topics, as well as practice tests and videos.

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